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A detailed help on using the features of SubtitlesKing, as some of our users are first time subtitle users. The advanced users might not need to read this help section.
How do I know which subtitle to download?
To know which subtitle will match the movie you have on your disk, you need to know three details about the movie file which you can easily know by looking at the filename. For example we will take the filename as 'The.Pursuit.Of.Happyness.2006.720p.BrRip.x264.YIFY.mp4':
  • The Movie Name and Release year: The Pursuit of Happyness 2006 in this example
  • The Release Group: YIFY in this example
  • The Quality: 720p or Brrip or x267 in this example

When you know these three, just search for the movie name in search box on the homepage of subtitlesking. Then select the language you want the subtitle in. Then seach for your release group in the search box on the right side sidebar. Then choose the relevant quality in the returned results. If you cannot find your quality or release group in the results, you can try the nearest quality subtitles as they might work.
What software I need to play these subtitles?
All these subtitles can be played by VLC Media Player. First you need to unzip the zip file that you get from SubtitlesKing - unzipping means that you copy the srt files from inside the zip file you downloaded into a folder. After that play your movie in VLC. Right click on the video, choose Subtitle, the choose 'Add Subtitle File...', then select the file that you just unzipped.
What is this MovieID?
MovieID returns results from our collection of subtitles. It searches intelligently in the subtitle databases and finds out the name of the movie for which you give it a quote, dialogue or a line you remember. It is very useful if you want to remember a line or quote from the movie but cannot recall the name of the movie.
What is filename search?
If you paste the filename of the movie directly into the search box on the homepage, we can suggest subtitles that can work with that filename. This is not very effective, but if filename is given correctly, then exact match of subtitles are given.
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